THANKS to ANTIgunners............

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Re: THANKS to ANTIgunners............

aus4ever wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

Cannot you see that this may be logical? Or are you only against gun ownership ?

I am not blindly against gun ownership but I am an advocate for better regulation and control.
It seems that you have a problem with that.

You don't read too well do you? I am all in favour of logical gun control.

Of course I can read. Only a logical person can talk about logical gun control. ; -)
Can this be from a logical person?
"Anti gunners are are all the same , no logic."

You better believe it.

I wouldn't say it if I don't believe it.

Wow, we agree again, thats 2....... scary

And cars do kill more people than guns. What do you propose to do about it ????

We are talking about guns here. Why mix it up with cars to confuse yourself?
If you want to talk about cars, start a new thread.

OK, why don't you start a thread showing that cars don't kill more people than guns.

Why should I? I can see the differences between cars and guns, and I never said guns killed more people than cars.

Interesting answer

As a matter of fact, the gap is closing fast in the case of the US; in the case of any other civilised country with prudent gun control, gun fatalities will never exceed traffic fatalities.

And you are happy with traffic fatalities ? ........ strange

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