Any GH3 forums, tutorials, resources etc?

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Re: Any GH3 forums, tutorials, resources etc?

Nothing like getting behind the wheel and driving! Might skid here and there, but making mistakes and learning from them is, in my opinion, the best way to go. Having said that "one step at a time" is good for exploring the options as, least for me, trying to jump around playing with too many new features confuses them all.

The GH3 is new to me too and I will soon be posting "show & tell" on new features I'm exploring. Been working on the photos to go with my first try using the WiFi remote control. I had some good success with it. Pinpoint focus is another one the GH2 didn't have and I'm LIKING it, but have more to do before I feel confident and practiced enough to share my technique.

My assumption is if you've made the big investment in this quality camera you probably have skills. I like aperture priority, shooting mostly JPGs, and long telephoto. The 100-300mm is on my camera 90% of the time quite often pointed at hummingbirds. What's your interest in subjects? Or .. ?

Forum participant "mpgxsvcd" yeah that's his screen name, is VERY GOOD with his tips and tutorials on the GH2 and now the GH3. For BOTH stills and video.  Search for his posts and you will have a LOAD of good stuff to read and view on You Tube.  Yesterday a thread of his was shown in the "Top threads in" listing which shows on the lower left of your forum screen ... but I don't see it right now.

WELCOME to the forum!

Oh!  Here's a You Tube link with great info on the WiFi feature:

GH3 WiFi remote control shooting


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