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Nope. It makes no difference.

What really matters is what color space you assign when converting and processing the image. I would never cripple an image with sRGB at that level. I use Prophoto RGB when I convert, and aRGB would be a minimum.

I only use sRGB when I downsize for web and convert to JPG. I will be happy when that is no longer required.

That said, I still set aRGB in the camera.

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What I see when I open the image and view it at 100% is very important to my overall attitude toward a final print. When I look at the print I know what’s there and what I had to do to get there. For me, good enough does not work.

Lightroom is my post processing repository. When I import the RAW files, I convert them to DNG files and store them that way.

1. From what I've read about Lightroom, it uses the ProPhoto RGB color space so are my DNG files using ProPhoto RGB?

2. When I print to my Epson R1900 which supports AdobeRGB, is Lightroom converting to that color space? I am using the Epson printer paper profile when I print.


1. No. DNG files are a RAW format and have no color space. Lightroom uses ProPhoto RGB as its internal color space when doing non-destructive editing. A color space isn't actually assigned until you export the DNG to something like JPG or TIFF.

What happens when I print from Lightroom? I assume a color space is used then?

I don't print at home so I don't know how Lightroom handles printing. But, printers use CMYK color spaces not RGB. Printers have their own color profiles just like monitors. Color profile management for printing is a thorny issue.

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