Why Human Cauesed Climate Change Is NOT A Scam

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Re: Why Human Cauesed Climate Change Is NOT A Scam

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You guys who are climate change deniers (not skeptics) really amaze me. Whatever Al Gore is or is not has no bearing on whether or not humans are causing global climate change. Neither does it matter how obnoxious some of the posters on this forum are. Obviously, you deniers have no ability to use logical reasoning when it comes to certain issues.

You don't want to believe the science behind climate change so you jump at any non sequitur you can find. For example, people like you state that the world has gone through many cycles of climate change. You therefore claim that man has nothing to do with climate change. You call that logic? Or you say that the sun is the most important factor in our climate. True, but the conclusion that we are not changing the climate certainly does not follow. Maybe a course in basic logic would help you to understand. Or maybe not.

You deniers are correct about one thing. It really doesn't matter what most climate scientist think. What matters is that they have the evidence to back up their claims. Scientists are human and sometimes do stupid things and sometimes make mistakes. But that is the beauty of science it is self correcting by the use of 'real' evidence.

I would love to be convinced that man is not causing serious problems for our children and grandchildren. So far you deniers have not produced any 'real' evidence for you claims. I do wonder why you are so full of hate for science and those who provide evidence that we need to make changes if we want to have a chance of preserving the climate for future generations.

Good post.

It is particularly puzzling to me that the CC deniers in the US are mostly conservative Republicans while supporters are mostly liberal Democrats.

It shouldn't be puzzling. If it is accepted (by a majority of lawmakers) that man is contributing to climate change, then the politicians will be able to justify taxing those who are responsible for it. Remember, it's ALWAYS about money. Liberals think the government needs more, conservatives think the government can do with less. But it's ALWAYS about money.

That's only partially true. A bigger part of it that businesses that profit greatly producing products and services that cause global warming have convinced conservatives that GW is a liberal plot against business and should be fought.

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