Not impressed with D5200 samples at Imaging Resource

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Re: Not impressed with D5200 samples at Imaging Resource

jonikon wrote:

When comparing the D5200 images to those of the D7000 using the Imaging Resource Comparometer, I prefer the color accuracy and acuity of the D7000 images to that of the D5200. It appears that any resolution advantage the D5200 has is being lost to noise reduction (or possibly the sensor micro-lenses or AA filter?), causing softness even at 100 ISO, and the colors shift and fade as ISO increases as well. At 3200 ISO the D7000 is showing muchbetter color contrast retention and less color shift than the D5200. Maybe the RAW files will yield something more impressive, but after all the hype by some on this forum about the wonderful new 24MP "Toshiba" sensor, I' m disappointed in what I am seeing so far at least, and wonder if Nikon chose to use this Toshiba sensor base on cost consideration alone.

See what you think


- Jon

I'm not sure I would interpret it in the same way. To me it looks like the focus is a tad bit different on the D5200, maybe by a mm or two front or back, which is certainly within tolerance. If you downsize the the D5200 to the D7000, there's really not a lot of real world exposure difference, noise and dynamic range are roughly the same. Acuity is hard to judge because you still need to apply some USM to make up for downsampling; it's not apples to apples, but for all intents and purposes it's close enough. I would agree that the D5200 seems a bit more neutral in it's colour profile, but every new generation of sensors has it's learning phase about these things.

However, I would tend to agree on one thing... I don't think the D5200 samples on IR are worse, but they don't highlight the advantage of a theoretical 20%ish increase in linear resolution either.

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