THANKS to ANTIgunners............

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G. Gray
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Re: THANKS to ANTIgunners............

zs_pl wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

And cars do kill more people than guns. What do you propose to do about it ????

Fck - G.Gray - are stupid?

First.... I admire your attempt at conversing in English. NO, I am not stupid.

We buy cars to drive.

Then why so many people killed?

why do You buy gun ? - is this every day use tool?

Once or twice a week at my gun club.

Don't You buy gun to shoot ?

Yep, target shooting only, I do not even hunt with a gun. I shoot animals only with a camera.

Shoot to .. ? what , who ?

As above, targets only, Who........ never

Please , finish to write something which makes You idiot.

Really average citizen of North America is do stupid ?

Really, average citizen of North America is better off than the average person in Europe.

are You caricature of intelligent Europeans?

No, we are real thing. All the intelligent Europeans from opressed countries immigrated to North America.

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Best regards

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If you go into Home Depot and someone offers to help you and he is not an employee, you are in Canada

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