A700 VG work on A77?

Started Aug 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
Shiuming Lai Senior Member • Posts: 1,129
Re: A700 VG work on A77?

MNcameragirl wrote:

I shoot A700 and I was told that the A77 grip would work for my camera since the C70 is sold out everywhere I look. I would be willing to trade or purchase the one I need... I ordered mine from China so returning it is a royal pain in the rear.

Who told you that? It's wrong - the A77 is a different shape and the two grips have locating pins in different places. From China sounds like a third party grip... Do yourself a favour and grab a used VG-C70AM, a used one in good condition will be just like new. I sold mine for half the price it cost me, so they are out there. Good luck with it.

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