K-01 + Bigma, before and after Firmware Ver 1.02 (4 imgs)

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Re: K-01 + Bigma, before and after Firmware Ver 1.02 (4 imgs)

audiobomber wrote:

Do you use focus peaking, Ron?

Hi Dan,

I bought my K-01's for the express purpose of using focus peaking with my very fast manual focusing lenses and IMO it works very well,

As for the test shots in the OP, focus peaking was turned on but I only used autofocusing for the test shots. As I wrote, I was mainly interested in subjects that were far away when shot with autofocusing using a long focal length lens. Since the firmware update specifically talked about the Pentax 560mm lens in CDAF I figured it was also time to try it with my long HSM lens.

BTW: This morning I took a quick test shot or two with the K-01 + Sigma 500/4.5 + Pentax-F 1.7X AF Adapter and it seemed to me to work as well as or maybe a bit better then the combo I wrote of in the OP. Note: Some Sigma lenses have a problem when used with the Pentax-F 1.7X AF Adapter (the Sigma 500/4.5 reads f2.8 wide open), so I put a peice of tape on pins 1, 2, and 3 on the lens side of the Pentax-F 1.7X AF Adapter in order to show the correct aperture. I can envision using a combo like this at the lake shooting at the birds that have landed for feeding.



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