Sony a37 for a beginner?

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Re: Sony a37 for a beginner?

m00tmike wrote:

This is my first post to this forum but I have been here a lot lately. I am researching my first "real camera" purchase. In the past my photography experience has been limited to a very simple point and shoot and my cell phone for pictures, and a cheapo toshiba camcorder for video. I would LOVE to get any and all opinions on a great beginner camera that I can grow with. My main and most important use would be video. I like to pretend I am a vlogger on youtube and that is my real motivation in upgrading my camera. My perfect camera would have an articulated screen, 1080p video, AF during video, and I'd love to be able to change lenses depending on what I need. Also, I'd love to spend $500 or less. Initially it seemed that the sony a37 fit that bill perfectly but lately I've been seeing a lot of negative comments about. Please let me know that you think. Do you have the a37? Are you a beginner too? Thanks in advance.

I speak from some level of expeirence because I own a Sony A55, a Sony NEX, and a Sony HDR CX360V camcorder. I always use my camcorder for long videos and my camera for short video clips. You can buy a interchangeable lens camcorder, but they are quite expensive from what you want to spend.

Get yourself a good camcorder if video is what you really want to do. I own a Sony camcorder and they have nice decent settings in a camcorder too. Like golf shot to name one setting, and the low light of newer camcorders is much better than you'd think it is.

If you want short clips of video say five minutes or less then by all means buy a camera, buy the a57 it's slightly better for video, and you might find a deal on one. Please remember it's the lens that make a camera function better in lower light  setting too for any camera purchase. I always say cameras are cheap enough but buying the glass, or lenses can be a rich man's game.

You may want to consider a NEX too. They can take some good pictures and do video as well. A Sony NEX with a 18-55mm lens can be purchased with a free 16mm lens right now too in some stores.

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