EPSON 4880 only printing black??

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Re: EPSON 4880 only printing black??

munstre wrote:

Thanks! Its actually great for what I'm doing (screenprinting shop) BUT i purchased this as a secondary printer, also looking to do art prints on the side. Do you know anything about converting this back to a color printer as far as how dangerous/expensive/annoying that may be?

Just drop some new Color Carts in it and you will have to run several Cleaning Cycles to flush out all the black ink.

The more expensive way is to replace th BLACK fille carts with a second set of refillable carts filled with Ammonia Based WINDEX and run several cleaning cycles. Run some purge color charts ( A file with C M Y K LM and LC bars ) till you do not see any more black. Then replace the cleaning carts with full color carts. Either OEM or refills.

By the way the OEM 110ml carts for the 4880 can be easily refilled right through the ink outlet.

The ink just lives inside a mylar bag directly attached to the exit valve. You refill then with a syringe without a needle. There are also CHIP resetters available on EBAY.

As for 3rd Party K3 Vivid Magenta inks, the very best is from CONE ( )

But OEM is best!

There are good deals out there.

That's a good printer! Let me know is you get tired of it! LOL!

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