DP2M shot: Which do you prefer?

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Re: The second one

Roland Karlsson wrote:

On my good and calibrated monitor, the second one is way better. The fur looks like a dogs fur. Its soft and nice. The first one is by far too contrasty. Might be nice for some other picture, but not for this dog IMHO.

But moving the window to my cheap TN monitor besides the good one, I actually may prefer the first one. The second one then looks flat.

+1 On my profiled wide-gamut monitor, the second is preferable. The darker and grittier look of the first image makes the out of focus areas harsh and ugly. Neither are particularly flattering of the dog, IMO. It looks as though this might be a significant crop of the original? If so, the image is falling apart and incresing the sharpening doesn't compensate.

Fill us in on you own opinion, other parameters of difference in processing between the two, and what you were hoping to achieve with this image.



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