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Re: I asked a simple question

Chato wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

RobertSigmund wrote:

From his response, I think another NRA favorite dump card has been trumped.

A ​very simple question.

If small arms cannot resist a modern army, ​What about the Vietnamese, the Afghans, the Iraqi's ​and quite a few others?

Well, in lieu of actually answering this question, I am called "arrogant," and or a flunky for the NRA.

Kind of pathetic...

Plain and simply you can't answer this question, so you toss personal insults.


It wasn't me who called you arrogant.  It was you who said I am ignorant.


I have already given you the answer.


"The simple answer to that - the Vietnamese and the Afghans are some of the most tenacious fighters in the world, they are experienced, and they are masters of guerrilla warfare, not some inexperienced and disorganized militia."

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