So what is the truth, Fuji?

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Lets compare to Olympus

We look at m43 and see a well fleshed out lens lineup. But it wasn't always like that. here was the Oly lens roadmap in August 2010.  This was about 1 year after the introduction of the EP1.

Now on the one hand Oly had Panny to help, but the two companies don't really collaborate. They only share a mount. Oly, like Fuji, is a traditional camera company making a new product - I.e. a new mirrorless system.

oly had a couple nice lenses, but the 12mm didn't exist. Neither did the 45mm, the 75mm or the new 17mm. They a few ok zooms. In many ways Fuji is doing much better and arguably better than could be reasonably expected, particularly when compared to Oly.

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