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Re: D7000 or D90 + lens

ksp37 wrote:

Hi all,
I was hoping to get advice on some new gear i plan to buy. I currently own a D40, which i've had for about 5 years now, and i'm looking to upgrade this to either a D90 or D7000. I have a number of reasons for wanting to upgrade, but the main ones are that:

i'd like the additional megapixels as a safety margin in case i need to crop

i'd like the extra FPS when shooting

I want better low light performance.

From what i've read, it seems the only real advantage i'd gain from the D7000 over the D90 is the high ISO performance, but if the difference is fairly significant, i could justify getting the D7000. If, however, i push for the D90, i could potentially spend the extra money buying a new lens. My current thoughts are that i could replace the kit lens that came with the D40 (18-55mm no VR), but i'm not sure how much better the other wide angle lens are (in my price range). The other lenses i own are 35mm f1.8G, 55-200mm VR (though the VR seems to have broken) and 105mm f2.8 macro lens.

So, to summarise, how much of a difference is there in low-light performance between the D90 and D7000? And if the D90 seems the better choice, which lens would you recommend?


I have just re-read your post and realise I missed your summary. The D7000 is noticeably better at high ISO work.

Good luck with decision!


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