Hairy arms

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Re: Hairy arms

tony brown wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Thanks Tony, that's impressive. Never having used this plugin, is it as simple as choosing the area with the Marquee Tool and then swinging a couple of sliders? Or is there more to it than that?

tony brown wrote:

I'm sure you can improve on my crude attempt, Jules.

Actually, for the above test, I didn't even do any selection but, yes, that would do it. It has slightly reduced the fuzziness of the clothes without selection so, I would be inclined to use the plugin on a duplicate layer and just mask it to the skin areas because the detrimental effect on other items seems so little. Selection tools might produce some odd, abrupt changes at edges.

I just chose 'skin even' mode in the plugin and moved the sliders to taste. The reason I included the screen capture was to provide a starting place for the sliders.

The plugin was 'Topaz Clean 3'.

Cheers, Tony.

Thanks, I might look at that.

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