Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

Can't make heads or tails of your comparisons.  For all the obvious passion, no references whatsoever to lighting situations, subjects, specific settings, anything for an experienced shooter to get teeth into (not asking for images but descriptions.)  Best I could make of it is that RX100 defaults to fast shutter high ISO sometimes and produces unacceptably noisy images - no surprise there - but it's a very sophisticated machine with a plethora of manual settings and a comparatively huge sensor.

The sd950 was a highly regarded camera and bless Canon had an OVF.  I recently bought a radically discounted Ixus 300 as my miserly experiment with LCD only and CMOS (backlit for it) and while I won't buy another camera without a viewfinder, and don't like the "scenes" that default to high ISO, I am impressed with what CMOS and use of Av or Tv modes can do.  I tend to give credit to Canon for better out of camera image quality under similar settings and circumstances than competitors, until proven otherwise, and suggest you look at the G series.

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