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Re: G3 vs. G5 Help

I liked the G3 so much that when B&H reduced the price of a body to $250, I bought a second one.  Once you learn what settings you like to use most often, you can program the C1 and C2 settings so that all you need to do is move the dial on the top to one of those, and it is almost automatic.  I learned that the hard way.  At my sons 40th b-day, some how I moved the focus to M, and so there are a few that I took at the end that were out of focus.  So, I programmed those two setting for different way to focus.  One face recognition and the other nearest subject, both of which work really well.  No more problem with focus.  As with every camera you have to learn how to talk to it.  I think that the manual is crap so it is sitting down with the camera and finding your way, and sometimes asking for help here.

As far as lens, it depends on what you want to shoot.  The kit lens is pretty good for a kit lens, it just isn't a fast lens.  I shoot mostly primes, but knowing which one you would use the most, you will figure out using the kit lens.  I just bought the 25 mm which is a tack sharp lens, but out of your price range.  Both the 14 mm and 20 mm are good, depending on what you shoot.  For a prime shooter I would have said that the 20 mm is all you need, but then I just bought the 25 mm this week, and it is now the lens that I am keeping on my camera all of the time.  I hope this might be of some help.


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