Poll: Is intelligent/ programmable Auto ISO an important feature for future FW updates?

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Re: NO I can live with it

mngsmt wrote:

57even wrote:

Personally I would rather have EV comp in manual mode, then if you want to shoot auto ISO you just set shutter speed and aperture and use EV comp to adjust the exposure from the baseline.

Yes, fully agree, thank you very much

I can't comprehend why people keep floating this half baked idea. In the absence of a solution for the light meter problem, this suggestion is useless. Here's the problem:

On page 5 of your X-E1 manual it labels a little scale in your display as number 25 - the Exposure compensation/exposure indicator. That little scale can only perform one of these two functions at a time. It can't do both simultaneously. Do you want to shoot manually (with the exception of ISO) with no assist from your light meter, or do you want to have to live with no visual indicator of the EC dial when you're using the viewfinder? Or what?

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