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I recently bought an Oly 25mm pancake lens off ebay. I specifically bought it because it said it was made in Japan. When I received it, it had 'Made in China' on it. I contacted the seller and he was very unapologetic about his mistake (falsely advertising the item) and actually ended up blaming me for not asking him where it was made before I bid on it (even though it said in the ad). I always thought that lenses made in Japan were superior... all my friends in HK avoid anything made in China and believe the same thing. I called Olympus and they said that there is no difference in quality between the two. All the comparable lenses I have seen on ebay either do not state the origin or are made in China. I'm not sure if I should open a case against the seller for false advertising or whether I should just keep the lens and move on...does anyone have a 25mm made in Japan? Is there any difference or am I wrong to believe so?

If you have not found out yet from going to Sears, Home Depot and Wal-mart, go there and check out their screw drivers, or anything else - it's how much you pay that matters, not where it's made.

You pay little, you don't get much. You pay big, you get good quality stuff. Period. Check out screw drivers in dollar stores (an extreme example) - you can get a few of them for a buck or two. You can buy ONE in Sears for over 10 bucks (made in China too). Guess which one will last?

Avoiding things made in China can be a decision based on many other considerations than product quality, such as their human rights record, or simply "I just don't like their stuff", and on and on.

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