plan on getting d600 + sigma 35mm 1.4 + 85mm 1.8g

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Re: plan on getting d600 + sigma 35mm 1.4 + 85mm 1.8g

I bought the D600 and the 85mm 1.8g right off the bat, and a 50mm 1.8g that I wasn't sure I was going to keep or not.  I did my research on both the 85mm 1.8g and the 50mm 1.8g and had the 50mm 1.4g on a D7000 before. The 85mm 1.8g sharpness is truly out of this world! It's scary sharp on the D600, contrast and bokeh is amazing. Auto focus is good and fast enough, certainly faster than the 50 1.4g I had before.  I bought the 50mm 1.8g to keep me going until I decided what I wanted to do, purchase the 28mm 1.8g and have the set of nikon 1.8g's or the sigma 35mm and essentially replace the 50mm.  After hard research on the 28mm 1.8g and the Sigma for the last two months, I think that the Sigma 35mm 1.4 will be the best solution and bang for your buck. I could totally see traveling with a 35mm and a 85mm, not so much a 28/50/85.  I keep going back and forth between the 28mm and 35mm, but I think 35mm will see more use than the 28mm. It would be nice to stay with original manufacturer lenses for resell, but I think that this sigma will hold its own even though its a third party lens.

I had the 50mm 1.4 before too, and although I loved the lens (and oddly, its more physcially aesthetically pleasing compared to the 1.8g, must be the girth) it was a dog at auto focus and had high longitudinal chromatic aberration at wide, pretty much it wasn't really usable at wide apertures. That was possibly magnified by the crop body that it was mounted to.

On another note, I just cleaned my sensor with sensor swabs and eclipse fluid.  Took about 30 seconds total and came out immaculate!  I'm not to brave when it comes to the camera's inner sanctum, but this was pretty easy.  Hopefully Nikon releases an official statement or fix though.

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