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Re: State of the industry - from the customers POV

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

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PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

The first lady booked me for a wedding a few years back so is a paying customer of our profession. Or was perhaps you'd say. She's been approached (as a "good pitcher taker") to shoot a wedding and was asking me about lighting and speedlights. Point being our customers are our competition.

To be clear, you're saying that a bride was considering spending thousands of dollars on quality imagery but instead decided to approach a friend of acquaintance instead to do it for free? No?

No - you misread.

No, I didn't.

Jo is considering shooting a friends wedding. Jo hired me in the past to shoot her wedding. Our customers are becoming our competition - as in she COULD have referred her friend to me but instead TOOK THE JOB HERSELF.

If the person on the other end is willing to hire 'Jo' they would never have considered hiring me, so there's no loss of a job. Anyone seriously interested in quality is NOT going to hire a complete newbie, it's just not going to happen. And if a person isn't concerned about quality over cost, they aren't my customer anyway.

I"ve yet to get anything from my 2 bridal shows (just got the list from one yesterday afternoon) but a few photogs that have done some and a couple of DJ friends say it's dry out there...Venue managers say bookings are down this year, but in January inquiries were well over normal - so perhaps brides are just starting late (or way early..) and without a venue haven't gotten around to photogs/DJs yet. Or so I hope that's what it is.

My bookings are WAY ahead of normal this year. 75% full on January 1st, in fact. I even had a first time experience: someone booked me before they booked their venue. Never had that happen before!

Good for you - I had that happen last year - was on track to have the best year ever i both count and avg sale for weddings...then had 2 postpone and 5 cancel because their relationships fell apart. Friend them on FB and you can see it coming...and know they're not lying or hiring a cheaper option.

Unfortunate, but nothing to do with the topic.

Actually, on a funny note, I had two cancel last year too. The first broke up and the second just ran out of money and decided photography could get cut. As it turns out, the second couple looked around and decided they couldn't bear to have poor photos so they cut something else (the better food at the reception) and kept me on. The first couple did end things but now both of them have become repeat customers elsewhere, so as it turned out I didn't lose too much even in cancellation.

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