My story and the quest for a single camera.

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Re: Sony rx100 [nt]

Thank you for the advice but I´m not a fan of Sony colors. Don´t shoot me for saying it, but it is just how I feel but watching photos from it.

Now, as you know I had a Sigma DP1. While searching for the X100 information, many times I came across comparisons with the Sigma DP2 Merril. I really liked the DP1 despite being slooooow, but the wide lens was just too wide for me!

Now the 30, or should I say 45mm, lens is much to my liking. "Excelent" for candids and portraits. The IQ seems out of this world in good light. Problem: Low-light / high Iso and of course the lack of OVF /EVF.

Plus it was expensier than the X100.... but now I have found a place where funny enough both cost the same (5€ diference).

I´m sure that the X100 is the better package, plus Fuji colors for skin tones are still unmatched in my book.

Still I would love to read experiences from a lucky few (if any at all) that have tried both cameras. Just out of curiosity, since the X100 is my primary choice, by far, right now.

Thank you.


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