Beware of PC speedup/cleaning tools

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Re: Beware of PC speedup/cleaning tools

Lack of maintenance and user error account for a lot of problems. Then there are real software issues that compound the problems.

Here is the basic maintenance plan. Most folks I now do not do all this

Scan for viruses, malware

Disk cleanup


Delete cookies etc. from internet options.

Uninstall unneeded software

Make sure drivers & software  are up to date I needed.

Be careful what you download or open in email and what sites you visit when surfing.

True, many folks don't have much knowledge or interest in maintaining their computers so these cleaners seem to work for them but not because of all the stuff they claim to remove & fix it's because they also do the basics and that is what mostly makes the difference.

I see no reason what so ever that cleaning up file remnants and left overs from uninstalled software should have the slightest affect on computer performance like some of these companies advertise unless your drive is getting full.

Over the last 3 yrs I have installed and uninstalled a lot of software and until last month my Geek Bench score was still just as high as 3 yrs ago (I just upgraded to W8).

Some well designed cleaners might be helpful but many make claims that are just Snake Oil.

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