Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

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Re: Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

Poor lighting (no external flash) half in shadow, half in light and not focussed on the eyes.  If you've used any AUTO or in-camera NR settings then that's BAD BAD BAD practise.  Don't use any in-camera settings, shoot in RAW mode, use A priority with low ISO (100).  If you can't use a DSLR other than as a P&S, then maybe it's not the right type for you, but if you're an experienced shooter, then all of the above ought to be known.  I suggest you set-up the camera properly and practice.  It would also help if for this type of shot you use either a 90-100mm prime or a quality WA zoom as if you get too close with flash it'll also spoil the shot, so with correct settings, a decent/correct lens and an external light source you should then be able to capture almost any subject that correctly illuminated, properly exposed and not leave it to the camera to make the decisions for you (should this be the case).  Often people buy stuff because of features instead of knowing how to use it.  If this isn't the 'normal' quality of shot you take, then please post others with EXIF to compare, but on the basis of the image posted, I'm sorry if you think my opinion is harsh, but you asked for feedback, and with nothing to go on, it reminds me of a P&S in AUTO mode.

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