Capture One vs anything else

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Re: Capture One vs anything else

I'm very interested in this same topic and, having used C1 for the first four weeks of my trial, it seems clear to me that it is substantially better than LR4 or PS6 (ACR) in managing X-Trans RAW files. My primary camera has been a Nikon D3s (heavy!) and I print on an Epson 4900. My current workflow is to develop RAW from a "Session" in C1 and process the file to a TIF, specifying that it be saved in the original folder and opening it in LR. With this process, it actually ends up opening LR's import screen and a single click brings the file (or files) into LR. From there I can print or move them to PS if they need pixel editing.

It's not as neat as doing the whole thing in LR but some of the images are immensely better when developed in C1 and I still end up able to use LR for asset management.

Just my $0.02....


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