Petition to Nikon: 6 MP DX camera with a high-ISO performance

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Re: No use to me

Chris R-UK wrote:

Nigelous wrote:

See more information here

Please, sign it if you are intersted of this product.

Why only 6MP?

Noise depends only on the sensor size and not on the number of pixels so a 6MP DX camera will have no better high ISO performance than a 24MP DX camera. A larger number of pixels does affect the camera's processing speed and fps however.

6MP certainly isn't enough for me because I normally print at larger sizes and I often need to crop heavily. I could make do with 12MP but 24MP and 6fps would be better.

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Chris R

It's common delusion. Sony NEX-FS100 have 23x13 mm sensor which like D4 in low light, due the large pixel 9.4 micron. Sample for example:

This fact disproves your theory, isn't it?

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