The value of using laptops versus much faster desktops

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Re: The value of using laptops versus much faster desktops

PhD4 wrote:

John1940 wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Using a laptop with AC power while having the battery in, will of course shorten the length of the battery over time.

I agree. My solution is to pull the low-voltage power plug once in a while to lengthen battery life. The laptop tells me when to plug it back in.

Hopefully that's not right before a power outage, eh ?

If I don't, it hibernates and then shuts down later.

The APC units have saved me a few times. They continue running through brownouts, and in blackouts have given me another half hour to work and save my stuff.

I believe you. My laptop gives me much more time.

As do larger APC units.

Ones a lot cheaper than your laptop.... and they give you all the benefits of the desktop's processing power.

A UPS that can run for 2 hours would be pretty big. I used to get about 15 minutes on mine before giving up and moving to a laptop.

Anyway, most laptops these days have more than enough power for photo work.

And the lappy I use was only about $500. Seems to be a good solution for people with unreliable electricity supplies - saves power too.

Desktop power is great... If you need it. I used to have 8 of them running in the house. lol. And it doesn't matter so much when the electricity drops out during a game, which is the main reason for all that extra power (for me).

But... seems to be a comparison of apples and oranges really. Laptops are a different class.

I did have a plan to create a separate solar powered electricity supply (with some deep cycle batteries and inverters) for my desktops, but it would have cost a bit. Maybe one day I'll do a smaller version for the lappies for some double redundancy

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