What 35mm f1.4 to f1.8 lenses would you recommend?

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Re: What 35mm f1.4 to f1.8 lenses would you recommend?

nelsonal wrote:

It means it's expensive to get an apeture bigger than 20mm 35/1.8 or 35/2. There aren't many 35/1.4 lenses out there that cost less than $400. And 30mm is pretty much as big as one can get at 35mm focal lengths.

It reads confusing: you mean that the lens opening (diameter of front light gathering element) is 20mm. Therefore, the f-stop, lens-length/lens-diameter = 35/20 = 1.7 (lens-length and lens-diameter simplified). To get to a f/1.0 value, you need to get the front diameter to increase to 35mm.

The wider the glass, the more corrections are needed, and the more complex the optical light-path will become. This leads to a non-linear increase in lens size, construction, and cost.

The Focal Length also has a big impact on the the FOV angle, which in itself controls the lens construction: a wider FOV puts more restrictions on the lens construction, especially for SLR lenses, where the lens is at a given distance (mirror box) from the sensor. Mirror less lenses can be positioned closer, leading to simplified design.

As to 35/1.4 - there are not too many in SLR/DSLR FF space, as these get expensive (and represent a wide-angle in FF). More and more 35/1.4 lenses are appearing in mirror less APS-C (and smaller) space, as the construction is more palatable (smaller projection circle), and the need is higher (APS-C to FF is a full stop) for a fast lens on the smaller sensor.

But 35mm/1.4 lenses designed for APS-C (Fuji) are running about $600 - not cheap either.

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