Fuji x100 vs micro four thirds ?

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Re: Fuji x100 vs micro four thirds ?

I have owned and loved quite a few MFT bodies, including the GF1, GH1, GH2, GX1, etc. Right now I am 100% happy with the OM-D and a handful of primes.

Late last year the Fuji X-E1 caught my eye. I had always heard about the "Fuji" look, and I started researching images taken with the X-E1. I liked what I saw, but decided I didn't want another "system" camera. Then I discovered the X100 and was immediately in love with the camera, as well as with the gorgeous images filled with that elusive "Fuji" look. So I bought one on an impulse right around Christmas (black LE).

Long story short, I took the OM-D and my brand new X100 on our annual family ski trip. The X100 was such a joy to use, and the images were so great, I ended up taking it out with me for 5 days and the OM-D for only 1 day of the trip!

Proof in the pudding: I posted images from the trip for friends and family, and nearly everyone reacted more favorably to the X100 images. Comments like "so sharp and detailed", "wonderful colors" and "why do some of the pictures look 'better' than others?"

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