Nikon DSLR for MF lenses

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Re: Nikon DSLR for MF lenses

designdog wrote:

I am selling my Canon 7D and zoom lenses, and the macro. What I would like to do is get a used Nikon dslr that would take my ais lenses without an adapter. I am not looking to build another dslr empire, but it would be nice to get a taste, after all these years, of Nikon cameras since I already have the lenses.

The ideal would be to get a camera that actually improves on the image quality I was seeing with my 7D. I don't really care about movies, or flash, but I would like something with really good IQ, and in good physical shape. I know very little about Nikon, what bodies work with what lenses, and what bodies are the most desirable.

Well, that's kind of a tough question. I'm not sufficiently familiar with the 7d sensor to know where the line would be drawn. It would be very helpful if you'd state how much you want to spend and how many MPs you want.

Then we can try to figure out what might work for you. AFAICT, even the cheaper bodies like the d5100 will support AI-S lenses for manual focus, but metering won't work. I think you have to go to a minimum level of bodies and higher, like the d90, d7000 for both focus and metering with AI-S lenses.


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