Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Surely you're joking?

YiannisPP wrote:

Don't tell me you didn't think that there might be something wrong with your copy?

I mean everyone of your paragraphs read surreal, I can't believe you are serious. Similar to a cell phone? You seriously think that so many people writing about and praising the RX100 as the compact with the best IQ ever are just completely blind or gross liars?

That phone comment wasn't a 1 on 1 comparison with a Cell Phone - camera - I was referring to comparing an equal sized image patch, e.g., 1/4 of an RX-100 picture with an entire cell phone image.  The artifacts were quite similar.

As I mentioned in my latest post, I am now seeing examples online of much better RX-100 photos and wondering what causes the difference.

best IQ ever are just completely blind or gross liars?

It is mysterious to be sure, but bear in mind that there tends to always be an "upbeat" slant to most camera reviews.  For example, I am quite sure that most of this year's Powershots have inferior photos, just based on the comparometer pictures posted, but do you ever see that really discussed?  I've already pointed out how unrealistic a lot of the quantitative tests of IQ tend to be. Let's face it - I've seen some BAD image noise examples shown in raving reviews.  Some serious reviewers have noted the noise issues in the RX-100, as well as the fact that even the current generation of CMOS sensors aren't really on par yet with CCD in image quality.  But these are not part of the initial round of happy, specs reviews, but the deeper ones that come a few months later.

I wouldn't say people are "liars", but I think a lot of the reviews are extremely shallow.  Notice how rare it is these days to even see raw images in camera brochures.  Instead, they show you an 800x1200 shrink and it looks beautiful. So my first assumption was that maybe typical photographers don't care as much as I do about pixel level noise, just as I don't care as much about bokeh as they do? It certainly wouldn't effect prints.

One thing I *LOVE* about this Forum is that you guys do not fall for hype - you will say that a new version of a camera isn't as good as the old one, even if the specs are bettter.  What I did not see online was anyone raving about RX-100 image quality who had actually tried it themselves - it was all based on online reviews and specs comparisons.  IMO, you cannot really know about a camera until you hear about it from real people.

And I am MOST GRATEFUL for all your opinions, thoughts, and comments about my experience. Believe me - if you folks are shocked by my experience, imagine how I feel!  

- Jeff

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