Calibration Tool On a LED TV?

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Re: Results after calibration

mistermejia wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

That depends on what luminance level, color temperature, and gamma you have set, and what ambient lighting you have.

I sure hope you have another profile available, because it doesn't sound like ideal for watching TV and movies.

Brian A

Thanks Brian, yes i have another profile.

I am not asking for an "exact" answer, i just want to know if the transition from a standard (non calibrated) monitor or a tv is nornal. In other words is this what most of you ALSO see on "your" screens too, having a cool color tone screen, then the calibrator changes it to a more "warmer" "tanish" looking view?

It depends on your ambient lighting. If you have no window light and have low wattage tungsten lighting and can bear a yellow screen, then go for it. Personally, it would have to be cave like conditions with candle lighting for me to work with D50.

It is all perception: do you now percive your prints matching your screen? If in the same conditions your screen looks yellow and your paper looks white, then I think you have your answer.

Brian A

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