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Re: Educating customers is VERY important!

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Quality sells! Do you, as a photographer show well framed, large wall pictures? Do you show well made and well laid out wedding albums? A photographer cannot sell what the customer cannot see. Do you as a photographer have a designated place in your studio to sell?

Unfortunately too many photographers today have no idea how to sell their work. Many photographers will go to a photographic seminar but will not spend one dime on a marketing program. This is one reason today why the portrait industry today is being taken over by women. They want and now how to relate to customers and how to sell their work.

The "lame" reason I hear today is that no one is selling prints or that customers only want discs of their pictures. It is really hard to put a price on a file because all files are the same. How do you price a well made print in a custom frame so most photographers don't want to take the time to sell, they just want to "post" on the internet and how someone orders a print. This is a terrible way to run a business.

We tell our clients that are interested in discs only how they plan on using their files. Do you(customer) know how easy it is for the disc to get scratched or how easy a file can become corrupted? How long will you keep them on your computer? Do you know that computers WILL fail someday and you will lose your files? These are just a few questions we ask our customers. Learn to sell products besides files or go out of business. This is what is happening to so many photographers today.


David Miller

No I dont have a physical studio and dont carry around 16x20 prints in the back of my car to show to clients. This works well if you either have a studio or have a home studio but I dont. More power to the people that do. Yes you can sell albums but that is for people that want them or willing to pay for them. All my business is referrals and if I was not doing a good job I would not get them. This is the same argument as film VS digital. People wanted to argue it to death and time proved that digital was going to take over and the same thing has and will continue to happen in photography to prints. Also when a client gets a disc, they have free will to print what they want so you can try to sell all the prints you want but it is up to them what they want to print and how they want to do it. Are you going to argue that the disc is not a standard thing now? Sorry you are arguing profit vs technology and I agree you can make more money by displaying prints and albums and you may sell more prints and albums by doing so but that is not true for every bride nor in line with what technology is doing to photography. I am facing the fact that technology is changing the world we live in and trying to change to keep up and as did people argue film so will people argue this but time will prove that photography has to evolve and people will not view images the way they do now. My wife also learned photography in an actual dark room and knows how to do it. Care to guess when the last time she set foot in one was? ritz camera (print people) closed down and went bankrupt, penn camera almost went under and had to be bought out. It is getting harder and harder to find a good local print lab. Like I said KODAK died and that says a lot. I also dont see a lot of photographers going out of business except the ones that bought a studio and could not pay the rent which is why I dont own one

You make the mistake of assuming that your experience represents everyone else's and you imply that those of us who sell albums or prints are part of a dying trade. It may be the case in some areas and in some markets, but it certainly isn't the case overall. Go to any trade show and albums and prints are everywhere.

The vast majority of my couples choose to have an album and about half of those buy a second or even a third album for parents. Don't assume that wedding photography is now a throwaway commodity for everyone because there are still people who recognise and value quality in photography. It really is up to us photographers to encourage and nurture that.

If you as a photographer don't value your work, then nobody else will

I did not assume anything and was answering the OPs question. Short answer No I dont sell as many actual prints nor do I have them in my own home. I am stating what I see and what I do. like I said if your brides want to buy prints sell them and more power to you. You think the printing lab industry is shrinking because they are doing so well?  With high res discs and Ipads and facebook you feel that images get the same treatment as they did in the past? I also think the scratched disc and digital file knocks is not a real response to why people need prints. I give all my brides multiple discs and tell them to store them in different locations and give them online galleries and also have my own copies and have backups offsite. My point is that yes prints can generate more income and albums can be sold and if the bride wants it they should have it but some dont and in my case most dont. Honestly the bridal business has changed and will continue to change and technology is part of the problem and also the solution. I wish I had the article to list here but it outlined how high end video technology will impact stills and will eventually replace dslr technology with the capability to extract high quality stills from video. It will be a while till the technology is common place but it will happen. Each person has to do what works for them and digital delivery has changed newspapers, movies, music, photography and books and will continue to be the main delivery and sharing method.

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