Looking for a camera/backpack hybrid

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Re: Looking for a camera/backpack hybrid

Whilst I have a personal dislike of backpacks I have spent years looking for a shoulder bag that will allow me to carry a couple of days worth of clothes, washkit etc as well as a pro dslr kit.

I often have shoots than need me to fly domestically, stay overnight or for a couple of nights, shoot the job and then return.

I'd love a two part bag that allowed me to carry both requirements as one, then separate them at my hotel and leave the clothes behind whilst I go to work.

I am sure I am not the only person with that need, yet no bag exists that I have ever found that does that.

The Lowepro X50 roller does - almost - apart from the facts that (a) it is for some reason not designed to take pro bodies with grips and (b) it weighs so much empty that as a carry on it is useless in NZ as the limit is 7kg.

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