Oly E-P3 with kit lens - woeful in low light?

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Re: Oly E-P3 with kit lens - woeful in low light?

Coasting wrote:

One of the EP3 biggest problem is the complexity of its menu and setup.The images straight out of the camera tend to be a bit on the blocky side.By over explosing by around one fstop u can bring out the shadows and then recover the highlights in pp.Also setting the saturation and contast to -1 and turning off sharpening in camera the images again can be improved dramatically with pp.There is also a dr setting that can be adjusted simply by pushing the explosure comp button and then followed by the info button.This gives u the ability to play around with the dr big time.This all sounds a little complicated but thats the nature of the camera,but once set up the camera is a far more capable beast.And by making a simple preset up in your development software pp can be very simple.

This all works great.....if you use JPEG capture. If you happen to be a raw shooter and use Photoshop CS6 to process your files, none of these adjustments/parameter settings are applied to .orf files once downloaded and opened in Adobe camera raw. You do see all those parameters applied to the preview on the back screen of the camera after you take the picture whether you shoot JPEG or raw, but in the case of a raw file, that's definitely not what you will see on the computer screen in Photoshop CS6/ACR.

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