Software to restore old photograph ?

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Re: Software to restore old photograph ?

Allen Gerdes wrote:

GHWELL is correct, there is no magic fix and regardless the software used, you will need to invest a lot of time and effort into learning how to effectively use the tools provided in order to correct the various problems encountered in photo restoration. Photo restoration is possibly the most time consuming of all photo retouching if one wishes to achieve good results.

However, it is not necessary to invest in Photoshop CS6 to get software capable of doing good restoration work. I use PSPX5 almost exclusively and in my opinion can achieve results comparable to any achieved using CS6. It is the skill of the retoucher and his knowledge of how to use the tools at his disposal that primarily determines the outcome, not the software used.


I agree with Allen, and actually we use the same software, Paintshop Pro X5, much less expensive of the full Photoshop.

Just to start understanding the basics, you can check this video about Corel Paintshop Pro and the restoration of old photos:

You can find other useful videos at:

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