Is it time to give up on Olympus?

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Re: Is it time to give up on Olympus?

Moonman52 wrote:

markymark101 wrote:

I have two pany lenses for my OMD. They work just fine - I can't tell a shread of difference between their function and my oly native lenses.

Some perform better than others. It all depends on if Pany decides to put the money into the glass or cheap out by putting it into the software.

If this is your view then, yes, I think you should give up on Olympus and m43 and sell your gear. Using software correction when possible has been one of the defining characteristics of m43 from the very beginning.  If you don't agree with this philosophy, then you don't agree with the basic m43 proposition.  Complaining that the manufacturers are doing exactly what they said they would do is silly.

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