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Re: Yes, I print picture!!

mmmmmmmm wrote:

I have been a full time photographer for more than 40 years!!! I know the trend today, especially for wedding and portrait photographers is to just give the client files on a disc. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH MONEY IS LOST BY NOT SELLING PRINTS! I don't mean going to SAMs or Walmart and printing and then putting the prints in a brown paper envelope!!

The best way to loose sales is to post sittings or weddings on the internet and then hope for an order. You MUST bring your customers back into the shop and go over the pictures with some sort of program designed by each studio. We set our sales previews up before the customer leaves the studio. The digital age today is too impersonal. This includes TEXTING!! Noting is more impersonal that texting!


David Miller

Hi David,

I agree with your observations completely. Business practices may vary though. In some cases the B&G are more receptive towards albums and or display prints and in some cases they either cannot afford those services or they are too much of "digital age type". That said, you are right about photographers selling themselves out cheap, thus diluting the whole market for everyone.

My observations about the need of prints are separated into two halves. Publication commercial work and wedding / family. In the first group we never really produced prints. We shot transparencies and the client or the client's agency took care of the print side or whatever else they needed the images for.

Weddings? Yes we used to print a ton. The business was standing on two legs. One was the fee for the assignment with a number of prints and album the other was the re-orders that usually generated a fair amount of income after the wedding.

It is the latter where I experienced  the biggest downturn in business. I think that there are two reasons for that. First, it is given that with digital age many clients want either a CD or some other form of digitally compiled images. Therefore, they usually do not request the number of smaller 4x5 or 5x7 images that we used to sell. The digital file is there for those. Home printing, e-mailing, Costco print service takes care of those if they need a few extra images of the lesser important shots. Then, uncles and aunts, friends and foes, they all come out of the woods with their Canon Rebels. They will not order reprints, they got "better pictures" than the photographer did. Look at the colours honey, isn't it beautiful....................? In the meantime they forgot how much they were interfering with the photo session.

Yes, I do print. I never take on a wedding where the B&G wants only digital files. Also, I never take on a wedding if I feel that the client is not at comfort with me, or the other way around. My packages consists of a number of prints starting at 8x10 for albums and going up to 24 x36 for custom displays.  However, times did change and we print way less than we used to just ten years ago.

On a last note, we must have started our careers around the same time. I started photographing professionally in the late sixties.

Best, AIK

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