Oly E-P3 with kit lens - woeful in low light?

Started Feb 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Oly E-P3 with kit lens - woeful in low light?

One of the EP3 biggest problem is the complexity of its menu and setup.The images straight out of the camera tend to be a bit on the blocky side.By over explosing by around one fstop u can bring out the shadows and then recover the highlights in pp.Also setting the saturation and contast to -1 and turning off sharpening in camera the images again can be improved dramatically with pp.There is also a dr setting that can be adjusted simply by pushing the explosure comp button and then followed by the info button.This gives u the ability to play around with the dr big time.This all sounds a little complicated but thats the nature of the camera,but once set up the camera is a far more capable beast.And by making a simple preset up in your development software pp can be very simple.

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