Another Canon or Nikon?

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Re: Another Canon or Nikon?

photoholiko wrote:

For me this it's the year for camera upgrades, since the new year I am looking to buy my third and final camera. I am comparing the Canon 7D and Nikon D7000 (I use both systems), the 7D has 18mp, two more than the D7000 and 8fps compared to 6fps, apart from that I don't see much difference except that the 7D body costs $1,600 and the D7000 $900, am I missing something? I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

Yes, the thing you are missing is that this is probably not the year for camera upgrades, unless Canon and or Nikon are working faster than I expect. You can bet your last $ that Canon and Nikon are working as fast as they can to develop a APS-C or FF sensor mirrorless camera system that will make the huge and heavy DSLRs look silly. Don't buy something you will regret having the first time you actually have to carry the thing around to take pictures with. (You could always return it, but don't get me started on what I think about chronic returners...)

If you want to go ahead anyway I strongly suggest you buy a used D7000 to limit your loss. Buying a new D7000 does not make any sense to me.

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