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Usually predictable and boring review..What Is Boring Or Predictable About This Review???

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

- Extra EVF would make camera bigger. Cripple the EVF in size and in coverage and you get an oversized MX1 that becomes Fuji's X20. Thanks, but no thanks.

The MX1 is not pocketable even without these 'extras' so once it isn't in that group... adding an EVF or an accessory optional viewfinder would't make a crucial difference in any meaningful way.

That is an argument that clearly is justifiable with the Canon S and Sony RX which are pocketable.

- Missing hotshoe — an argument from the past. Why everyone presumes cameras such as MX-1 were meant to be people's only cameras, and that most people will opt for using "external flash" instead of the build-in flash? Where this logic comes from? Today many tend to have more than one camera.

For some it might be their only camera.

And missing hotshoe is exactly why this camera is so interesting;

I don't think that missing something that could be helpful for some makes any camera "so interesting".

it's not a DSLR and doesn't pretend to replace it. And its usable ISO range is amazing, 4 times better than in cameras from few years ago. It's an everyday camera to be used when going out without a flash and a DSLR and all the gear. Geez ..

- Lens is not the same as on XZ-2. Similar on some numbers, yes, but not same optically. I expect it to be even better in some regards, but those are not important details.

Can we make an argument: MX-1 is interesting simply because it doesn't have "extras" reviewers find in comparisons, and couple of extra of those extras mean not a camera is automatically "a better deal for bucks".

It does decrease the cost of manufacturing.

The Fuji X 20 is in another 'capability and feature' camera category and will cost more. For some the MX-1 might be what they will understandably consider because of the lower price for what I am sure will be a very nice camera.

Thanks for the effort in translation, though.

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