Is it time to give up on Olympus?

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Re: Is it time to give up on Olympus?

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I agree Olympus really needs a semi-pro kit zoom. But is the lack of one lens really a reason to "give up" on them? Would the Panasonic 12-35 not suffice?

The Panasonic 12-35 is made for Panasonic cameras. You can not expect great results using it on an OM body enough to make up for the high price. It is loaded with CA and even light room 4 will not remove it all. Sharpness is no better than my panasonic 14-45 which does not work so great on my OM body either. It works so much better in my old G1 and thats were it stays now. I did try the 12-60 and 14-54 mk2 four thirds lens with adapter option but whats the point of trying to go light and small with micro fours thirds then?

This is silly. The correction Panasonic does to remove CA is (built-in) software correction, so it ought to be (and is) possible to remove it afterwards with other products, like LR. And if the 12-35mm is nearly as sharp as the 14-45mm at larger apertures then that's more of a statement of just how good the 14-45mm is rather than a slight to the 12-35mm.

Your claim that the 14-45mm doesn't "work so great on [your] OM body" totally bewilders me and is contrary to my own experience: the 14-45mm is my favorite lens on the OMD, producing fabulous images. It's just as good on the OMD as it was on the G1, GX1, and G3 I've owned. Further, its OIS (which can be turned on and off with an external switch) makes it equally valuable on the PM series camera, which lack the great IBIS of the OMD.

So, basically, I have no idea what you're complaining about.

Perhaps it boils down to what you are willing to accept. You and a few others here obviously are willing to put up with something less than stellar. You were even probably one of those folks thrilled to death with the 12-50 kit lens that Oly shoved down our throats with the OM-D. Oh to be so naive and unspoiled again. I think some folks will get what I am saying here while some others like yourself just never will.

I think you're changing the argument. I objected to your statement that the 14-45mm doesn't work "as good" on the OMD as it does on Panny bodies. This says nothing about absolute IQ. Perhaps it's not "stellar", but it's certainly very, very good--and, more to the point, it's independent of the body it's mounted on. As would be, I believe, the 12-35mm.

The main issue seems to be your insistence that a Panasonic lens simply won't work as well on your OMD body, so you're hoping Oly makes one instead. I just don't think this statement is supported by anything, and certainly not by my experience. You certainly haven't provided any concrete evidence to support the claim.

And please don't use a straw-man argument about the 12-50mm. whether or not I like it (I don't very much, except for its macro capability) is completely beside the point.

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