Legacy vs E-Mount Lens IQ

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Re: Legacy vs E-Mount Lens IQ

Rbbra wrote:

franzel wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

If the practical purpose involves cropping or larger printing then there is still a very marked difference between the 2 lenses and the 16-50 falls far short based on your images:

16-50 on left and Summicron 50 on right

Frankly, it is virtually imossible for any lens to be that bad , even the 1650 .

I believe it's just another one of those comparison shots where the poster snapped away and didn't work carefully .

Hello franzel,

Best thing is not believing but seeing; so compare the same yourself and you will see. And also let us see your result.

That's one point, the other is that the kitzoom is not that bad at all. It can be used for many practical purposes as you can read on two of my posts here (one with the original pictures).

Let me only say here that we are pixel peeping now: you look at your screen at 40 cm distance to a 1.50 meter wide enlargement.


Hello franzel,

Another way of saying is thatt he very small crops show that the Summicron is a very good lens indeed (which it should be of course).

But also the very small crops show that the1650 is a very decent and usable lens (and that for 1/15th of the price of the other!).

Dit you realize that it that the crops represent 1,5 m wide print?

Did you see the originals? Did you read my texts regarding the comparison pictures and these crops?

Dit you try comparison pictures yourself?

This is to remind you; maybe I should have some patience...


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