So what is the truth, Fuji?

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Re: So what is the truth, Fuji?

Apsphoto wrote:

I hear you and understand the frustrations. I wish they would fix those things with firmware and also release the 23mm. Your points are valid. Maybe one of the things to do is write it up in a more favorable and pc manner and send it in a hard copy letter to Kayce Baker and to Fuji management. Taking the time to write a letter and send it speaks volumes. It easy to ignore emails and letters that are written to be hostile, but a well written letter with a good tone will go a long ways to modifying behavior. Just a thought and based on my experience in life.


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Alan Smallbone
Orange county, CA

While I feel that a letter would just get pitched in the trash, I do agree with you about my tone. I am normally better about communication, but, in the words of Jonathan Davis, "Im feeling mean today".

You are right though on that Alan. Thank you for reminding me.

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