Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Charles: Are you being harmed, personally, by the discussion?

CharlesB58 wrote:

The naivety of trying to use such marketing statements to justify speculation regarding what products will actually result from Olympus's intent to "continue to develop and enhance the product lineup for both standards to meet the diverse needs of our customers" is charming, but misplaced.

Hi Charles...  This being a gear forum for Olympus SLR equipment, why do you consider speculative discussion of possible, or even 'hoped for', equipment to be misplaced?

Much of my involvement in this forum takes place via PM as I have no need to 'impose' my beliefs on others in this forum. I use the word 'impose' because that is my own, personal, opinion of some of the give and take which takes place here.

What I find amazingly interesting here: One member sent me a PM asking me to post more in this forum because this member was very concerned that a diminishing number of new threads/posts would result in the disappearance of this forum. At the opposite end of that member's view is your post, above, which seems to me to advocate not engaging in speculative discussion.

As long as the speculative discussion does not harm you personally, what harm does it do?


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