Any tricks to make this background true white?

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Re: Any tricks to make this background true white?

dbooksta wrote:

Thank you -- that is very illuminating!

You're quite welcome.

I've almost got it, but I think you lost me in your last step, because after I do the levels adjustment the image background is still RGB=245, not 255.

If the RGB reading for white is 245 most likely its because sometime in the past you changed a setting to limit the target for whites to 245.  By default the Edit > Fill > White command should fill the layer with RGB 255 white.

There are a few ways to change that... you can go to the menu bar and select Image > Adjustments and choose either Levels or Curves (it doesn't matter which you choose).  Then after making your choice a dialog box will appear.  DOUBLE-CLICK on the white eyedropper in the dialog box to invoke the Color Picker.  In the Color Picker, set R, G, and B to 255 respectively and click the OK button.  Now when you do the Levels adjustment layer described below, whites will all be 255.

Its also possible that changing the layer blend mode to Multiply is influencing the RGB readout but that's necessary to get the guns and ammo to show through the opacity of the added white layer.

If I'm supposed to add a layer in step #8 what is it supposed to contain?

What version of Photoshop are you using?  The Auto functionality in CS6 work differently than in previous versions so it would be useful to know your version to give you the precise instructions.

You're adding an adjustment layer in step #8....this layer by itself does not contain anything, but it alters the contents of the layers below it.  To add a Levels adjustment layer, go to the bottom of the Layers palette, and click on the "Create new fill or adjustment layer" icon (its the fourth icon from the left), the select "Levels..." from the pop-up context menu that appears.  This automatically adds a Levels adjustment layer to the layer stack; then to increase the contrast simply click on the Auto button of the Properties tab.  Alternately, you can select the White eyedropper in the Properties tab, then click it on a portion of the image you think should be white and repeat the process with the black eyedropper.  However, the Auto button works reliably in detecting and setting the black and white points in the image.  Then if the adjustment is too strong, simply reduce the opacity of the Levels adjustment layer to taste.

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