Any BIFs with K-5 II/IIs yet?

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Re: Any BIFs with K-5 II/IIs yet?

I haven't shot many birds since I got the K5 iis.  But I have been meaning to do some testing for moire in bird feathers when the sun is out.  But my schedule and the weather have not cooperated.  Here are a few pictures I took over Christmas with a DA*300.  It was very cloudy, so it wasn't ideal conditions for checking for moire.

I took pictures of sparrows, finches, cedar waxwings, blue jays and nuthatches without any moire to worry about.  In the pictures where it is present, you can't see it unless you zoom in.   And even then it is not very noticeable.

For example:

Near the edge on the left

The one exception is a tufted titmouse.  I took pictures of him on two different days and both sets had moire.  Here are a the best (worst?) examples:

With better light and getting closer to the birds, I might be able to produce more moire.  However, between motion blur, hand holding the camera and not being able to get very close, I don't suspect to find much moire in my bird pictures.  Although, I am curious about hummingbirds since I normally use CIF to take their pictures.

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