Is it time to give up on Olympus?

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Re: Moonman52, which works better?

Just Having Fun wrote:

Which lens is better, the Olympus 14-54 F/2.8-F/3.5 II zoom or the Fuji kit lens you mentioned?

I've owned both the Zuiko four thirds 12-60 and 14-54 mk2 and used them on my EM-5 with Olympus adapter. I did a full afternoon of testing with tripod, timer, IS off at different focal lengths apertures then looked at the results on my Dell calibrated monitor. In a nutshell the 12-60 was the best performer. The 14-54 mk2 ran neck and neck with my pansonic 14-45 with the edge going to the Zuiko. The 14-54 mk2 is better color corrrected than my 14-45 panny but at the wide end both the 12-60 and 14-54 zuikos showed more CA than I would like. The 12-60 has some weird disortion going on at widest setting with CA way above my toleration level.

The Fuji 18-55 kit lens that came on my XE-1 is better color corrected than either of the two Zuikos or the 14-45 panasonic. In fact I would say it has apo like performance. I am an amatuer astronomer and have some nice apochromatic telescopes at my disposal. The Fuji lens reminds me so much of the apo triplet lens in my telescopes. Whites are very pure. Since its impossble to use the Fuji 18-55 on the EM-5 its hard to say just how the lens would play out on that body. Sharpness wise on my XE-1 it outperforms the Zuiko 14-54 mk2 and pany 14-45 and leans towards the 12-60. At the wide end the Fuji is the clear winner of all the above contenders. The wide end is impeccable. The lens is incredibly sharp and totally free of even a hint of CA. A similar lens for micro four thirds designed by Olympus is all I'm asking for.

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