EPL-5 first day impressions from a DSLR user

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EPL-5 first day impressions from a DSLR user

Hi all,

Long story short...I am happy! The m4/3 system is sold for me.

I was a Pentax man-k200d (lovely CCD sensor), K-x (really good high iso), K5 really really nice IQ both low and high iso and wonderful ergonomics. I had some nice lenses too, but I started to realize that a DSLR system is just too big and heavy to carry around (and Pentax is still one of the smallest). When I bought an Oly Xz-1 compact finally I realized that you can have very good IQ in smaller forms too.

So first I decided to go for the OM-D, but it's price was just too steep. Also the 12-50 zoom was not so tempting even to start with, and I couldn't afford buying an extra lens right away. (the body only costs almost the same as the kit here). So after reading and searching the net for a week I ended up with the EPL-5 with the 14-42 and the 45 1.8 . I am still below the budget of the OM-D body only (or with the kit lens). The Samyang Fisheye is coming next week hopefully.

Build quality is generally very very good for the body-my only complaint is the battery/card door which feels less solid than the rest. It's a pity because it is used quite often. Maybe another complaint maybe not but the articulated screen is a little bit too tight.Maybe it loosens up later a little. And talking about the screen-yes it is strange that it is a 16:9 format and the 4:3 picture looks reasonably smaller on it. What I did is that I selected 3:2 for picture format which results in a bigger picture, and being a RAW shooter I always end up with a slightly bigger 4:3 RAW picture on my computer.

Menu interface is ok. Yes the Pentax menu is great and similar in all of their cameras I used from the DSLRs to the Q but as I already owned the Xz-1 this is not an issue for me. I try to use cameras simple and this camera can also be used simple too if your priority is to take pictures and not get lost and switch on all those bells and whistles

So far I could really use this camera at home in the evening and I am impressed. High iso output is equal or even slightly better than the K5. I use the Oly viewer 2-some people say it's too slow not up to the standard of other RAW converters. Well maybe true maybe not I'm happy with it and also I think it is the best way to preserve those very nice Oly colors.

Really like the base iso output too. It resembles to the k200d and the common thing with these sensors is the weak AA filter. I like that. I've read that this sensor in the OM-D/EPL-5 is similar in "scores" to the Pentax K-x. Well this might be true according to numbers BUT in real life for my eyes it is far far better. The K-x had a rather strong AA filter which resulted in less pleasing low iso images (for my taste).

AF performance is very good. I "tested" it yesterday on non cooperative "subjects" : my boy and our cat. Artifical low light-well the keeper rate is much much higher than it was before with the Pentax bodies although I know that this is clearly a weaker area for Pentax. I really enjoy the touch screen AF although it's easy to take accidental pictures with it. Face detection is a very helpful asset especially with the boy

My biggest surprise was the 14-42 kit lens. It is really sharp wide open at 14mm from what I've seen so far. I considered to buy a used 14 2.5 but now I have to think about again.

Well that's it from the previous 24 hours

Cat: iso6400 1/15 f1.8 45mm

Boy I. iso6400 1/100 f2 45mm

Boy II. iso6400 1/100 f1.8 45mm

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