Sigma 19mm & 30mm now IN STOCK at B& is still on....

Started Jan 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
induna Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: Sigma 19mm & 30mm now IN STOCK at B& is still on....

induna wrote:

I received my lenses from B&H today as well. Very nice! One interesting thing is that every review I've read on these lenses so far says that they cause a significant delay when powering on the camera. I can report that this is NOT the case on my G5 body. These lenses are ready to shoot almost immediately, just as fast as the Panasonic 14mm.

I did a little more testing. The Sigmas take about 1/2 second longer to be ready to shoot than the 14mm on the G5. All lenses are a bit slower to be ready on the G2 and the difference between the 14mm and the Sigmas seems a little more pronounced. Some of the reviews were talking about delays of 2 seconds or more over other lenses. I'm not seeing this.

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